St-Valery-sur-Somme France

Michael Burnet Smith Art – Watercolour / Watercolor
St-Valery-sur- Somme, France, water colour, painting, michael burnet smith

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Size 57cm x 71cm


Brittany, France

Painted in 2001

St Valery sur Somme is at the entrance to the Somme. I sailed there with some friends. It is quite complex to sail as the sand always moves so it’s not really charted and this made for a fascinating sail for about 10 miles…it can take about 2 hours to traverse. St Valery was very popular a the turn of the century with the French. The estuary has a lot of samphire. You can only get out of St Valery at high tide so you can get locked in.

I just liked the view….good food, good wine and I was lucky with the weather.

Price(GBP): £1,800.00

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