The Commission process in action:

Pond Cottage…

A chocolate box pretty cottage hidden away down in Somerset England.


 A rough comparison, if you look closely you can just see Mike’s head in the photo as he worked…




Mike in the wilderness 🙂




Mike working on his new creation 🙂




Some close up work…




Managed to get his attention briefly!



After seeing some of Mike’s work on a wall, we booked him to come down back in 2010 to do a watercolour of our cottage. He arrived with his flask of Yorkshire tea, and a salad lunch, eying up the weekend’s weather.

He had to come a hundred miles or so and I believe he toured a few of the best locations in the area…

We were grateful to have him down, and we really didn’t know he was there most of the weekend and enjoyed meeting him 🙂

We see the painting as a good likeness, and are very happy with the results!

Looking forward to having Mike over again at some point in the future for another wonderful recording of our home 🙂

Thanks Mike,

Sacha …


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